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"My son has been going to class for about a month. He can be quite stubborn and difficult at times. His Sensei has gone above and beyond to make a connection with him and motivate him and we are already seeing huge improvements with his behavior not only in class but also in his every day life. It's wonderful to have a karate school nearby that is on another level compared to the other schools in the area."

-Tim P.

"Our daughter began studying karate with Sensei Jay when she was 3 1/2 years old, and has continued for about 7 years now. Sensei Jay emphasizes discipline, respect, and fun. He and his staff are great teachers of children. We feel the traditional karate program taught at New England Shidokan has helped increase our daughter's athletic ability, self confidence, and mental development. We are very pleased that we found such a program, and that our daughter enjoys it so much."
- Sylwia and David McMichael

"It's been great to see Garrett's improvement over the years. He's excited about the path to his black belt and is taking on each task with a maturity that really makes us proud. His admiration and respect for Jay is really what has made Karate a success for Garrett."
-Beth and Bob H.

“Sensei Jay has a "gift" with his ability to motivate young children to have a love and respect for karate. My son has flourished under his guidance these last couple years. He strikes the perfect balance between seriousness and being playful to keep younger kids excited while also focusing on the discipline the martial arts require.”
-Gary B. 

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