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Shorin Ryu Shidokan Karate Do

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Iha Sensei Tookachi CelebrationI

Okinawa, 2018

At New England Shidokan Karate you will train in an Okinawan Karate School that traces its lineage directly to the recognized source of karate: the Okinawan, Sokon "Bushi" Matsamura.


The Founding of Shorin Ryu Shidokan

In October 1948, Katsuya Miyahira opened his first karate dojo in Kanehisa, Nishihara, Okinawa, after receiving his Shihan (4th rank) Certificate from Chōshin Chibana.  Miyahira received his 10th Dan in 1978.  Miyahira chose to name his dojo Shidō-kan (志道館, "House of the Way of the Warrior").  "Shidō" was taken from the Analects by Confucius, chapter seven, verse six in book four of the twenty volume collection; which reads:


Determine in your heart to forever follow the way.
Stay close to the sun of virtue and do not stray.
Trust in the power of benevolence for support.
Take pleasure from these abilities.

Our teacher, Seikichi Iha Sensei, was Miyahira Sensei's senior student and founded the Beikoku Shidokan Association here in the United States and abroad.  To this day he continues to share his wisdom and knowledge with all who wish to learn.

(For more information about Iha Sensei please head to our page about our Sensei.)  

The Beikoku Shidokan Association consists of more than 30 dojo's throughout the world and is formally recognized by the Okinawan Shorin-ryu Karate-do Association.  New England Shidokan Karate is a member of the Association and Sensei Jay is recognized as a Shibu (Director) within the Association by Iha Sensei.


For more information about our style


to visit Sensei Seikichi Iha's website.

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