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Super Samurai
5 - 6 Year Olds

Youth Class
7 - 13 Year Olds

We can offer you everything you have wanted for your child, and MORE!  Respect, discipline, focus, self-control, confidence, fitness, non-confrontational conflict resolution, and self-defense are just a few of the life skills that are reinforced in our programs.  Our highly trained staff and our emphasis on these skills through traditional Okinawan Karate set us apart from the competition.  Contact us today and give your child more of the personal and professional attention that they deserve in their karate class.


Adult Class
Ages 14+

From self-defense to stress relief, and from staying active to mastering an art, New England Shidokan's adult class does it all.  The Shidokan motto is Friendship, Co-operation and Learning.  We live by this motto providing you with the karate program that offers a life time of learning and the chance to build life long friendships all while staying active and learning a valuable skill

Fun, Opportunities, and Additional Programs

New England Shidokan offers more than just karate classes.  As you and your child move forward additional programs will become available.  We offer a sword class (light saber), a sparring class, and a demonstration team, among others.  You and your child will have the opportunity to attend special trainings and events with Sensei Seikichi Iha, the Grand Master of our style.  We also invite our New England Shidokan families to join us for our numerous outings throughout the year including our Summer Pot Luck Picnic, and our annual Laser Tag trip.  Contact us today and see just how much we can do for you!

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